Jorge & Rachel, Jellyfish, Punta Cana. November 16, 2014.

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This wedding was full of heart made details, it wasn't just the marriage of two people but the two big families and two countries. We could felt the real love of a closed family and friends taking part of this special day all together.







Rachel is a sweet angel from Canada with amazing blue eyes and perfect smile that caught the attention of our lens right away. She enjoyed an intimate and beautiful getting ready at their hotel. Rachel, her mother, sister and bride maids had a fantastic time together full of joy.















The truth is that they were a nice bunch of beautiful ladies that was pleasant to take pictures of. It was great to see how Rachel's mom was with her daughter all the time, getting ready with them and practicing for her performance with the guitar.











Jorge is a great guy from Chile, super friendly that made us feel like friends from the very beginning. We have to admit he was one of the happiest grooms we ever met, he got a huge smile and sparkling eyes all the time!







We talked about special details before, here you can see a couple of them. Above, Jorge is admiring a special picture sent from Rachel during her getting ready just for him as a surprise, aaand he was happily surprised...

Below, there is another present from Rachel to Jorge, a cute pair of handmade cufflinks with a map of his home city in Chile, Viña del Mar, needless to say, he LOVED them!





Of course, Jorge, his brother and groomsmen got ready together too. Between some drinks, sport channel and bow tie tutorial, the guys had a pure brotherhood time.











We arrive to Jellyfish, everything looks amazing and everyone that arrives is so happy that is contagious. This is one of the moments we love the most, one can start feeling the excitement of the moment.



















Finally the moment has arrived, everybody is ready and everything is set up. We had clear skies and the light started to dim and soften, they had their ceremony at the perfect golden hour. 


















Another very emotive moment is when the parents have to let their kids go wishing them the best luck in life.

Time to walk!











We couldn't choose just one picture of Jorge starring at Rachel walking down the aisle. In just three seconds he showed nervous, happy and absolutely amazed!












The sand ceremony gathered beach sand from Chile, Vancouver and of course, Punta Cana. Can you tell which is which?











If you pay attention to the pictures, you'll see more of the details that say about this amazing couple. Like those paper planes flying in celebration for the newly weds represent where they met, can you guess? Yes! On a plane! And by the way, did you see those gorgeous barefoot sandals? Yes, Rachel did those too!





This family is full of artists, did we said the family participate all together...? Well, they surely did!






































Wow! We didn't realized how many photos we had to add to this blog post! We couldn't decide which ones discard, so we ended up with tons! I guess is what happen when one has a big wedding!











Enough! Let's go party!










And whatever happened next is not our business ;)


Thank you Jorge and Rachel for making us feel like friends and for letting us be part of your big day!


We wish you the best!


Germán & Sara



Congratulations!! It's an excellent work, Love it
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