Georgij & Raminta. Sosua, January 9, 2015.

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Raminta and Georgij met about 7 years ago over a "lithuanian Facebook" kind website. Raminta is the artist and introvert in the relationship, while Georgij is the social and techie one. Georgij asked Raminta directly for a date, she refused at first but a mutual friend made the magic happen and they finally met.


















They planted the seed and their love grew strong between them until they got married in Sweden, where they currently live.
















We said Georgij was the techie in this couple, he is a web programmer and he likes Raminta to test his websites. This time, the test ended up as a big surprise, he created a website with some random questions about them. She, though strangely confused, continued to respond until she got "Will you marry me?" on the screen. Then she found him with a ring on his hands. Needless to say she didn't expect it!

Don't know you, but I think is genius!














They came to sunny Dominican Republic for their honeymoon, they spent a good amount of time in the north coast while visiting good friends and then is when we had the luck to shoot this gorgeous and young couple.



















































Raminta, Georgij, we wish you a wonderful life together!!


Germán & Sara




These are incredible photos. Awesome.
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