Jeff & Aleksandra. Cabrera, March 10, 2015.

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This beautiful wedding was celebrated in Cabrera, it was very exciting, the couple is very young so is their love story. 


Their story is built on coincidences happened on Tuesdays. Alex happened to visit her parents in Cabrera just for three days. Cabrera ins't too big so it was a matter of time they cross paths at some point and they did. When it happened, Jeff was overwhelmed about Alex's deep blue eyes and totally hypnotized tried to find out who was that girl! Jeff kept coming back to the same restaurant on the next days as much as he could with the hope to run into her again. He asked everyone he knows that was related to tourism in the area but she seemed to be vanished... Until the next Tuesday. When he was heartbroken talking to one of his friends, who owns a restaurant in the area, Jeff's friend told him: "Call your parents and tell them you are going to be here for a while, because today is your lucky day! Turn around!" And there she was! Pulling in with her parents to the same restaurant. This time Jeff had the chance to talk to her for the first time and obviously, the first thing he told Alex was about her beautiful blue eyes. They talked for a while and a walk along Playa Grande sealed the deal. Who wouldn't fall for that!? They have been together ever since and there's no need to say more just that all this happened only three months before the wedding!








We had no idea we where so connected to this villa in many different ways. Turned out to be designed and built by one of our friends, where he also lived his first years in the island. Also we are indirectly connected to the actual owners and also to the wedding coordinator... Anywhere we looked or anyone we talked to led us someone we know, what a day full of coincidences!






Aleksandra was born in Odessa, Ukraine just a few falls ago but moves to Texas where she teaches Yoga. She is a very creative girl, fish lover, free soul, inker and shy, with a really interesting personality. 









Jeff was born in Quebec, Canada, he is a marketing expert and visits Dominican Republic very often, he has many friends in Cabrera, the North Coast of the island.





It was pretty unusual to see the bride showing up dancing to the tunes of Olivia Newton John, "You are the one that I want" from the movie Grease.

Sure you know it! It was great for us because is a classic from our childhood and Aleksandra nailed it!









After a beautifully simple and short ceremony, one can appreciate the joy and emotion everyone shared.






Thank you Jeff and Alex for such a great time and for letting us be part of your big day!


We wish you the best in your new life, we are certain that your love will keep growing fast and strong as it has been doing and we hope you see you again soon!


Germán & Sara




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