Oisin & Tracy, Kukua, Punta Cana. April 7, 2015.

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We love to shoot beautiful weddings, who doesn't! This time we had the luck to be part of Oisin and Tracy's day.

Oisin is from Spain (Like we are!) coming from La Rioja, a beautiful place renowned not only for the best wines but for their nice people, and we checked that out!

Tracy is american but has been living in La Rioja for two years already, you can tell she is absolutely blended with the "Riojanos".

They planned a destination wedding in a middle ground and they couldn't find a better place than Dominican Republic. 




Tracy is a very sweet girl, deeply in love with Oisin, she never looses her smile and she enjoyed every moment of her day with her big family and many friends.





Oisin lived in Japan for a while, then in United States but La Rioja called him back. He still keeps his best friends and he was lucky to have them in his wedding.






The decoration was rustic and romantic with soft colors, mixed with coral and navy blue, lots of flowers and a beautiful naked cake served on a rustic tree trunk surrounded by cupcakes.

But this wedding has a special theme...






There were lots of kids everywhere! We had a hard time avoiding shooting their cuteness all the time, somehow we managed to focus on our couple and their wedding.









Oisin walks to the altar with his mom, apparently very calm but the emotion was hidden inside.




Tracy was escorted by her dad. She was a little bit more nervous than Oisin. We always get emotional when the father "gives away" his little girl, this must be one of the most hard/happy moments in a father's life.








They had an intimate and moving ceremony were we saw Tracy very calm and truly living the moment, soaking every single word and sea breeze. Oisin, in the other hand, going through the ceremony, he started to release the emotion that held during all day.


It is very sweet to see how even working preparing the wedding for a long time, when one may think that everything is planned and rehearsed ahead that there is no emotion left at the showdown but nothing could be further from the truth.



















The wedding theme, logically coming from La Rioja, was the wine. They took the chance to make the official presentation of their very own wine label "El Céntimo Real". They brought as many bottles as they could to offer a tasting during the cocktail hour. They insisted us to taste it too and we can say that their wine is going to please the best palates. Definitely "photographer's approved"!










It was a tremendous pleasure to meet you! As well as your family and friends. We truly felt "at home" with you guys and we hope to see you soon either here again or even better, in Nájera.


Thank you very much and best wishes!


Germán & Sara



Organized & Decorated: Kukua Restaurant

Cake: Cake Studio Bávaro








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