Robyn & Corbin, Jellyfish, Punta Cana, February 9, 2016

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What an amazing time we had working with this family!

Robyn and Corbin are almost celebrating their anniversary and it looks like it was yesterday.

We stayed much longer having fun with Robyn and Corbin after finishing our work and chatting with her father about our lifestyle here in the Dominican Republic and our photography, he's such a sweet man.

The day went perfect in every single way, it was sunny, everybody was very relax, enjoying the moment and the decoration of Jellyfish was a dream!

Totally in love with this clean look, with tablecloths in white, white candles, the green leafs all over the tables in combination with golden plates, golden candleholders and transparent glass bottles nicely labeled with the number of the table, creating the perfect touch of rustic and elegant look.

In the other hand they had double first look, with the groom and with the father of the bride. That's something very special. Moments of love that definitely we are excited to capture.

Robyn and Corbin are an amazing couple who know each other since elementary school and you can see how connected they are not just as a couple, (we personally think they are the perfect balance with their personalities) but with the rest of the family too. It was very sweet to see the way Robyn's brothers looked at her walking down the aisle. Being the only little sister is kind of normal, but, the beautiful thing is that they looked at Corbin the same way, as a little brother in the best day of their lives. 

It was with no doubt an amazing group of people, together, connected and ready to celebrate... oh yes! They know how to enjoy a party, Robyn and Corbin's friends were hilarious during the party and anyone can tell how much fun they had. 

I hope you enjoy the blog as much as we enjoyed this wedding.


Happy anniversary Robyn and Corbin!































































Thank you Robyn and Corbin for trusting in us.

We wish you the best in life and that we can see it! 



With Love,

Sara & Germán 




Venue: Restaurante Jellyfish

Organized & Decorated: Gianna & Clara from Restaurante Jellyfish

MUA: Jasmin Brito

Cake: Cake Studio Bávaro\

Crazy Hour: HOTS Productions



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