Blog en-us (C) ( Sat, 04 Feb 2017 12:35:00 GMT Sat, 04 Feb 2017 12:35:00 GMT Blog 80 120 Robyn & Corbin, Jellyfish, Punta Cana, February 9, 2016  

What an amazing time we had working with this family!

Robyn and Corbin are almost celebrating their anniversary and it looks like it was yesterday.

We stayed much longer having fun with Robyn and Corbin after finishing our work and chatting with her father about our lifestyle here in the Dominican Republic and our photography, he's such a sweet man.

The day went perfect in every single way, it was sunny, everybody was very relax, enjoying the moment and the decoration of Jellyfish was a dream!

Totally in love with this clean look, with tablecloths in white, white candles, the green leafs all over the tables in combination with golden plates, golden candleholders and transparent glass bottles nicely labeled with the number of the table, creating the perfect touch of rustic and elegant look.

In the other hand they had double first look, with the groom and with the father of the bride. That's something very special. Moments of love that definitely we are excited to capture.

Robyn and Corbin are an amazing couple who know each other since elementary school and you can see how connected they are not just as a couple, (we personally think they are the perfect balance with their personalities) but with the rest of the family too. It was very sweet to see the way Robyn's brothers looked at her walking down the aisle. Being the only little sister is kind of normal, but, the beautiful thing is that they looked at Corbin the same way, as a little brother in the best day of their lives. 

It was with no doubt an amazing group of people, together, connected and ready to celebrate... oh yes! They know how to enjoy a party, Robyn and Corbin's friends were hilarious during the party and anyone can tell how much fun they had. 

I hope you enjoy the blog as much as we enjoyed this wedding.


Happy anniversary Robyn and Corbin!































































Thank you Robyn and Corbin for trusting in us.

We wish you the best in life and that we can see it! 



With Love,

Sara & Germán 




Venue: Restaurante Jellyfish

Organized & Decorated: Gianna & Clara from Restaurante Jellyfish

MUA: Jasmin Brito

Cake: Cake Studio Bávaro\

Crazy Hour: HOTS Productions


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Mathew & Maria, Jellyfish, Punta Cana, January 30, 2016  


Some weddings are part of our heart, and we don't know exactly why. It's about little details that somehow you click with and make everything very special.

Mathew and Maria are a very sweet couple who show love in every pore of their skin. It's great to see couples enjoying their day so much, everything goes so fast that if you don't do it this way you will regret forever.

There were a couple moments where was impossible not to get emotional shooting at them.

As you can see there were details everywhere, flowers and touches of white, gold and pink in every corner.

Not to mention the sunny beautiful day that they got.

Mathew and Maria's first look was amazing, first of all, Maria was gorgeous with her dress, we think it was the perfect choice for her, but her smile... wow! She glows when she smiles. Of course Mathew cries when he sees her... What a beautiful moment!

Also we got a first look with Maria's father very emotional too.

Here we show you a resume of a great wedding with a great couple.

We hope you like it!

















































We are very happy to be part of your day and still in contact with you guys.

Your first anniversary is coming and I hope this blog help a little bit to remind you your wedding day.

We wish you the best!

With love,

Sara & German


Venue: Restaurante Jellyfish

Organized & Decorated: Gianna & Clara from Restaurante Jellyfish

Cake: Cake Studio Bávaro




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Emilio & Stefanie, Jellyfish, Punta Cana, January 8, 2016  

Weddings at  the beach are beautiful! and when you have a special couple as Emilio & Stefanie with very clear ideas of what they want but also they trust you enough to have fun improvising places and enjoying the moment with a very relaxed attitude, it's when you get beautiful moments in different places and memories that you cherish for ever...

Emilio and Stefanie wanted a beach wedding at Jellyfish restaurant, but they preferred the portraits in a different location surrounded by the lush tropical backdrop that this island offers, definitely an alternative worth exploring!

Their lives now again made another turn, they just became proud parents of the beautiful baby boy, Luke.

We are sure that this Holidays are going to be very special and we wish them the best of luck in their new life as a three.

We hope you enjoy it!





































Thank you very much for your trust.

With Love,

Sara & German


Venue: Restaurante Jellyfish

Organized & Decorated: Gianna & Clara from Restaurante Jellyfish

Cake: Cake Studio Bávaro


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Matthieu & Karina, Kukua, Punta Cana, November 18, 2015  


Who says that rainy days are not perfect to get married? Let's admit that if it's raining a lot is an issue, specially during the ceremony but when we are talking of a few drops the rest is beautiful. The light, the colors, the fresh air(very appreciated in the caribbean) the gorgeous sky and the GOOD LUCK! (At least in the DR).

Here we were celebrating Karina and Matthieu's wedding at Kukua and everything turned out perfect!

Full of details mixing whites, blush and gold. always a successful match.

We love the idea of the seeds (typical local) with the name of everyone on, written in gold, to throw them later to the ocean along with a personal wish.

We hope you like it!






















































































Mathieu and Karina, It was a pleasure to be part of your big day.

We wish you the best.

With love 

Germán & Sara


Venue: Kukua Punta Cana

Organized & Decorated: Kukua Punta Cana

Make-up: Krystie Ann Hair & Make-Up

Cake: Cake Studio Bávaro



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Brian & Catie, Trash the Dress Macao Beach, Punta Cana, May 2, 2016  


Sometimes sessions are really fun and we have the lucky to spend an amazing time in this case with Brian and Catie and got so many beautiful moments that our surroundings are offering. Macao Beach is always gorgeous not just because the light and the beauty of this site but for the local people always ready to collaborate and have fun with us.



























































Love from Sara & Germán!!



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Brian & Chelsea, Jellyfish, Punta Cana, November 15, 2015.  




We love romance!! Here we are celebrating love with Brian & Chelsea, an amazing couple totally in love surrounded by the sea, palm trees, sand, family and friends in a delicate wedding decorated by the Jellyfish team, in soft pinks and browns in combination with white details matching the outdoors of Jellyfish restaurant and the sand.

This elegant and clean look always offers beautiful results, we hope you love it the way we do.















































































We wish you the best in your journey together, you are a beautiful couple.

With love 

Germán & Sara



Venue: Restaurante Jellyfish

Organized & Decorated: Gianna & Clara from Restaurante Jellyfish

Make-up & Hair-Style: Krystie Ann

Cake: Cake Studio Bávaro


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Ryan & Sarah, Jellyfish, Punta Cana, October 22, 2015.  


Sarah and Ryan got married on a perfect caribbean sunny day

with a small yet beautiful ceremony and the cutest bunch of kids! Ryan showed tender love for

Sarah throughout the the day while Sarah were happy and radiant as much as one can be. This easy going couple made

our day just being themselves, they where camera ready (not shy) at any moment, we could feel their love

and dedication to each other through our lens without much direction. What an easy and smooth day we enjoyed with you!























































Thank you very much Sarah and Ryan for allowing us be part of your amazing day!!


Germán & Sara



Venue: Restaurante Jellyfish

Organized & Decorated: Gianna & Clara from Restaurante Jellyfish

Make-up & Hair-Style: Anna Nuet

Cake: Cake Studio Bávaro


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Brian & Caroline, Jellyfish, Punta Cana, October 16, 2015  


Hi there! It's been a long time since our last post on the blog, we have been shooting and editing almost non stop

but here we are again very happy to share this beautiful wedding at the stunning Jellyfish Restaurant in Punta Cana.

Everything was amazingly decorated by Gianna and Clara for Mr. and Mrs. McKenna. Brian and Caroline had

a perfect day for the perfect wedding! Them, their family and friends had a

terrific island time and we were honored to be there for them to capture it for their memories.


We hope you like them!! Enjoy!!
































































Thank you very much Caroline and Brian for allowing us be part of your amazing day!!


Germán & Sara



Venue: Restaurante Jellyfish

Organized & Decorated: Gianna & Clara from Restaurante Jellyfish

Make-up & Hair-Style: Krystie Ann & Anna Nuet

Cake: Cake Studio Bávaro





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Kyle & Nicole, Bahia Principe Cayacoa, Samana, July 9,2015  

This wedding at Samaná,(Dominican Republic) was simply gorgeous.


It was a very intimate ceremony between Kyle and Nicole with the only presence of their respective parents. The truth is that this couple didn't need anything else around them to celebrate their love.


The location is very quiet and amazingly beautiful, perfect for this couple with this same personality.

After the ceremony we had a walk around the place finding in every corner a perfect spot for a picture.

After the shooting they enjoyed a private dinner in family, sharing, laughing and happy to be together in a moment of their lives like this one.


We hope you like it, as much as we do.


























We wish the best in your new life together!

Thank you for letting us being part of your special day.


Germán & Sara



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Maurice & Becky, Al Sol Luxury, Cap Cana, July 18, 2015  



Maurice and Becky are a lovely couple who enjoyed their intimate wedding day surrounded by lots of family members and friends in one of the best locations in the Dominican Republic, Alsol Luxury, Cap Cana. 


They are a very sweet couple who know exactly how to enjoy their day, from the very beginning they got ready with all their friends and family, after that they had a first look in front of the beautiful chapel of Fishing Lodge. Their ceremony was on the quiet beach, right by the water.


 Later on, they enjoyed their dinner outside by the pool and overlooking the marina of Cap Cana, a beautiful sight! After their first dances there wasn't anything else to do than dance and party (it should be noted that there was a real dance off going on there!) until almost everybody was in the swimming-pool! The ones in the water were screaming to the ones out of it encouraging along to jump into the pool, then when they started to scream to us... well, then we knew it was time to leave!


We had a blast shooting for them and we hope you like the pictures as much as we do!



































Maurice and Becky, thank you very much for all your attentions to us. We are honored to be part of your very special day and being able to capture it for you, certainly you had such an amazing moments to cherish forever!


Best of luck!


Germán & Sara.






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Huracan Wedding, June 2015 Decor.  


We shot this beautiful wedding at Huracan Café in June 2015. Our couple prefer not to share their wedding day but they love the idea of sharing their beautiful decor by Mayte Marie and Natalia Roldán.

We hope you like it!





Thank you guys for letting us being part of your special day.

We wish you the best,

Germán & Sara

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Phillip & Laura Elopement. Sanctuary Hotel, Cap Cana, July 7, 2015  



This is the first elopement that we have the pleasure to shoot! We didn't know what to expect as the approach is very different, is basically a one-on-one shooting (or one-on-two), it demands more attention and an extra care is needed because all the directions are towards the same couple all day long. This creates a great bonding, specially with Phillip and Laura that they aren't only great but deeply in love to each other, and this is something that anyone can tell just by looking at their photos.


Taking photos in Sanctuary was an experience we had a few times, what can we say... every single corner offers an amazing opportunity for beautiful images. Having Phillip and Laura outpouring tenderness all over the place made the task extremely easy, they created very intimate and romantic moments with a little direction from our side.


Here you have the images to proof our statement, we hope you like them!!!







































  Thank you Phillip & Laura for letting us being part of your day, it was a pleasure for us.

We wish you the best.



Germán & Sara




Venue: Sanctuary Cap Cana by Alsol



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Paul & Janeth, Huracan Cafe, Punta Cana. June 20, 2015  


  Paul and Janeth are a young couple full of love and joy. They decided to celebrate their wedding in Punta Cana surrounded by white sand and turquoise water. The venue, Huracan Cafe, was perfectly decorated by Mayte Marie y Natalia Roldan with tones of golden and pinks, with tropical details as pineapples painted in gold and lots of flowers and plants on the tables.


We enjoy a lot our weddings, specially when we see a couple as Paul and Janeth. There wasn't a second that they were not smiling and having fun with everything all day. It was great to see this couple were over the stress and the nervous of the day and decide to have a great time with family, friends and why not, with us! during their photo session.


‚ÄčThe pictures speak for themselves. We really hope you like them.











































  Thank you Paul & Janeth for letting us being part of your day, it was a pleasure for us.

We wish you the best.



Germán & Sara



Venue: Huracan Cafe

Organized & Decorated: Mayte Marie & Natalia Roldan

Make-up: Anna Nuet

Cake: Cake Studio Bávaro

]]> ( Dominican Republic German Paz Punta Cana beach destination wedding huracan cafe photography wedding Thu, 12 Nov 2015 16:15:17 GMT
Marco & Marta, Huracan Cafe, Punta Cana. June 6, 2015  


This is Marco and Marta's wedding, a sweet and lovely couple, that we had the luck to capture. They live in Texas and decided Punta Cana as their favorite destination for their wedding. They both are very chill and easy going people, they made our experience very pleasant and we enjoyed their company every minute.


With them we spent two great days, the first one here at Huracan Cafe Punta Cana for their wedding and the second day was at Casa de Campo for a couple sessions, blogs post about those sessions coming up!

The first thing we would like to say about this wedding is that, besides gorgeous, it was FULL of personal details, that of course we really enjoyed shooting. This made their day even more special!


Everything went smooth in a very familiar and relaxed ambient, everyone enjoyed until the last moment.

This wedding was special for us too because it was our first wedding we shoot at Huracan Cafe. We love to shoot in new locations, it give us the chance to explore, find different points of view, lighting, new possibilities and this is pretty exciting for a photographer.



We hope you like and enjoy this blog post!


Thank you very much Marco and Marta for allowing us be part of your big day!


Germán & Sara



Venue: Huracan Cafe

Organized & Decorated: Mayte & Nati

Make-up: Palmarosa Spa

Mamajuana Bottles: Domincan Favors

Cake: Cake Studio Bávaro

Crazy Hour and Fireshow: 



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Joshua & Javanese, Kukua, Punta Cana. June 5, 2015  


Here we have a gorgeous destination wedding of Javanese and Joshua. It was a very detailed wedding, where the dominant colors were lavender, pink and cream, in harmony with the white of the venue and fabrics, and surrounded with the contrast of the blues from the ocean, pool and sky.


Javanese and Josh is a couple deeply in love, as we could feel, not only during the wedding but also during the Trash the Dress session. 


They meet through the internet and they couldn't imagine they would marry in the caribbean.


Javanese had everything very clear regarding her wedding, she worked hard with the venue to get what she really wanted, every single detail. Her dreamed wedding was elegant and classy and surely it really was.


It was very emotional for us to witness how they got married in front of their family and friends, we could felt the love all around.


In this blog we tell the story in images and we hope you like them!





Thank you very much Javanese and Joshua for allowing us be part of your big day!


Germán & Sara



Venue: Kukua Punta Cana

Organized & Decorated: Kukua Punta Cana

Make-up: Krystie Ann Hair & Make-Up

Bride's hair accessory and earrings: Chelsea Bond Jewelry

Cake: Cake Studio Bávaro

Crazy Hour and Fireshow: HOTS Productions




]]> ( Dominican Republic German Paz Punta Cana beach destination wedding kukua photography wedding Fri, 04 Sep 2015 16:56:54 GMT
Eric & Ashlee, Jellyfish, Punta Cana, February 7, 2015.  

Eric and Ashlee's wedding was long awaited and with great expectation. It took a long time and big effort to organize it the way Ashlee envisioned her dreamed day.  As you can see in the photos we believe Ashlee had everything she wanted and she let us know how amazing was for them, until the point they felt like celebrities.





The color selection chosen for the day was very vibrant, shades of pink, shades of turquoise with accents of silver, and bling. There were thousand of details all over Jellyfish, silver and shiny fabrics, crystal lamps and chandeliers, millions of flowers and petals and brilliant details everywhere.





Ashlee is a bride with very clear ideas, she knows perfectly everything she wants, not only for her wedding but in her life too she knows how to get it. She is very straight forward in every way, one can see she is a strong woman with a big heart.




Ashlee was very relaxed while getting ready with ALL of her female family and friends, they surely had a great time.




Eric is a sweet guy, charismatic and a constant smile on his face. One could see him enjoy surrounded by his family and friends all the time.








Ashlee and Eric had a first touch moment in an old Mustang, she arranged the sports car to pick up Eric from the hotel and got greatly surprised as he is a big fan of these cars. Do you think the color matching with the wedding colors as mere coincidence?









Here's the first time we saw Ashlee very emotional, they really enjoyed the first touch, it was a fun moment!













Both families are very spiritual and thankful, they would show that a few times throughout the day.










Right before walking down the aisle Ashlee surprised Eric again with a tribute to Jill Scott. She made this moment sweet and fun. 






The priceless moment when the bride walks with her father towards the alter looking at the groom. Specially if the bride looks like Ashlee with such a tender look, she was radiant!



Here is the most important moment of the day.



Obviously Eric was as radiant as Ashlee watching his future wife walking down the isle.







It was an emotive ceremony, not only exchanged, vows and rings, they also had a sand ceremony mixing colored sand in a shell.





As we mention before, there was many details and "Jumping the Broom" took place right after the ceremony as the old tradition says.












After a long family session we could capture amazing shots of the couple with awesome lighting.

The perfect sun was waiting for us!















Not only the location of the wedding was a secret until the last minute, also the reception was Mardi Grass themed, enlivened with a fantastic fire show and a crazy "Crazy Hour".






Ashlee showed her dancing skills with Eric and specially with her father, which started slow and sweet and finished swinging.

Eric and his mother dance was truly emotional.












We did had the perfect sun during the day, we also had the perfect moon!




Thank you very much Ashlee and Eric for allowing us be part of such an amazing day!


Germán & Sara



Venue: Restaurante Jellyfish

Organized & Decorated: Vals Weddings

Make-up: Indira Sanchez & Jazmin Abad Brito

Bride's Bouquet and Brooch: Vintage Expressions 

Cake: Cake Studio Bávaro

Crazy Hour and Fireshow: HOTS Productions


]]> ( Dominican Republic German Paz Punta Cana beach destination wedding photography wedding Fri, 05 Jun 2015 16:57:11 GMT
Oisin & Tracy, Kukua, Punta Cana. April 7, 2015.  


We love to shoot beautiful weddings, who doesn't! This time we had the luck to be part of Oisin and Tracy's day.

Oisin is from Spain (Like we are!) coming from La Rioja, a beautiful place renowned not only for the best wines but for their nice people, and we checked that out!

Tracy is american but has been living in La Rioja for two years already, you can tell she is absolutely blended with the "Riojanos".

They planned a destination wedding in a middle ground and they couldn't find a better place than Dominican Republic. 




Tracy is a very sweet girl, deeply in love with Oisin, she never looses her smile and she enjoyed every moment of her day with her big family and many friends.





Oisin lived in Japan for a while, then in United States but La Rioja called him back. He still keeps his best friends and he was lucky to have them in his wedding.






The decoration was rustic and romantic with soft colors, mixed with coral and navy blue, lots of flowers and a beautiful naked cake served on a rustic tree trunk surrounded by cupcakes.

But this wedding has a special theme...






There were lots of kids everywhere! We had a hard time avoiding shooting their cuteness all the time, somehow we managed to focus on our couple and their wedding.









Oisin walks to the altar with his mom, apparently very calm but the emotion was hidden inside.




Tracy was escorted by her dad. She was a little bit more nervous than Oisin. We always get emotional when the father "gives away" his little girl, this must be one of the most hard/happy moments in a father's life.








They had an intimate and moving ceremony were we saw Tracy very calm and truly living the moment, soaking every single word and sea breeze. Oisin, in the other hand, going through the ceremony, he started to release the emotion that held during all day.


It is very sweet to see how even working preparing the wedding for a long time, when one may think that everything is planned and rehearsed ahead that there is no emotion left at the showdown but nothing could be further from the truth.



















The wedding theme, logically coming from La Rioja, was the wine. They took the chance to make the official presentation of their very own wine label "El Céntimo Real". They brought as many bottles as they could to offer a tasting during the cocktail hour. They insisted us to taste it too and we can say that their wine is going to please the best palates. Definitely "photographer's approved"!










It was a tremendous pleasure to meet you! As well as your family and friends. We truly felt "at home" with you guys and we hope to see you soon either here again or even better, in Nájera.


Thank you very much and best wishes!


Germán & Sara



Organized & Decorated: Kukua Restaurant

Cake: Cake Studio Bávaro







]]> ( Dominican Republic German Paz Punta Cana beach destination wedding kukua photography wedding Wed, 20 May 2015 16:44:50 GMT
Jean & Danaily, Sanctuary-Fishing Lodge-Eden Roc, Cap Cana. March 27, 2015.  


Danaily is a beautiful cuban bride that lives in Florida, she is a wine lover and very crafty. She is a wonderful person, warm and caring, we have been in touch for months and we are glad to call her friend, we certainly enjoyed the time we spent together. 


Jean comes from a dominican family, we couldn't spend as much time as we did with Danaily before the ceremony but we got to meet him enough to know that he is an amazing person, deeply in love with his wife.






We met at her room at the Sanctuary Hotel in Cap Cana where she got ready. During that time we had the pleasure to shoot a very fine and romantic boudoir session.




































The ceremony took place in the chapel of the Fishing Lodge also in Cap Cana, it was a very traditional and romantic ceremony at the sunset time.


















Even having had a very peaceful day, Danaily got emotional walking with her father and step father together right in front of the chapel.


This is one of the most special moments we love in a wedding.








Same as this moment, we can't never find the right words to describe Jean's face watching Danaily walking down the isle towards him.

















































It was a very special wedding, they gather family and close friends from different countries. The highlight was the assistance of Danaily's father who wasn't sure to be able to make it from Cuba until a couple of days before the wedding.






















The reception took place at La Palapa, Eden Roc, still in Cap Cana.


Such a gorgeous place, the dinner, the party, the decoration and the view were excellent. Everybody had a great time an we felt the warmth of one big family.










Most of the decoration for the reception was hand made by Danaily, the wine theme could be seen on every detail.











Thank you very much Jean and Danaily for letting us be part of your big day!

Best wishes for your new adventures and we are looking forward to see you soon.



Germán & Sara



Organized & Decorated: Val's Weddings

Make-up & Hair: Anna Nuet

Floral Headbands: Kerry Ann Stokes

Hotel: Sanctuary Hotel Cap Cana

Reception: La Palapa by Eden Roc




]]> ( Beach Cap Cana Destination Wedding Dominican Republic Eden Roc Fishing Lodge German Paz La Palapa Photography Punta Cana Sanctuary Hotel Wedding Fri, 24 Apr 2015 02:12:13 GMT
Danaily B. Wedding Boudoir. Sanctuary, Cap Cana. March 2015.  



Here is a Wedding Boudoir we did last month in the Sanctuary Hotel, Cap Cana. This intimate session took place during Danaily's getting ready for her wedding ceremony.

As you can see on this small selection of images, Danaily is a beautiful person, not only outside but in the inside. We connected even before we met personally, we enjoyed that connection and the session flowed very easily, we got carried away and almost got late to the ceremony! We had plenty of time to talk, shoot, eat, talk, shoot, laugh for a long time.

Definitely this are the most special moments we have with a bride, her last hours of a single person, right before they tie the knot forever.









































































Thank you very much for everything, your time, patience, dedication and details.

We all had a wonderful day!



Germán & Sara



Make-up & Hair: Anna Nuet

Hotel: Sanctuary Hotel Cap Cana






]]> ( Beach Boudoir Cap Cana Destination Wedding Dominican Republic German Paz Photo Photography Punta Cana Wedding Wedding Boudoir Mon, 20 Apr 2015 17:24:53 GMT
Jeff & Aleksandra. Cabrera, March 10, 2015.  



This beautiful wedding was celebrated in Cabrera, it was very exciting, the couple is very young so is their love story. 


Their story is built on coincidences happened on Tuesdays. Alex happened to visit her parents in Cabrera just for three days. Cabrera ins't too big so it was a matter of time they cross paths at some point and they did. When it happened, Jeff was overwhelmed about Alex's deep blue eyes and totally hypnotized tried to find out who was that girl! Jeff kept coming back to the same restaurant on the next days as much as he could with the hope to run into her again. He asked everyone he knows that was related to tourism in the area but she seemed to be vanished... Until the next Tuesday. When he was heartbroken talking to one of his friends, who owns a restaurant in the area, Jeff's friend told him: "Call your parents and tell them you are going to be here for a while, because today is your lucky day! Turn around!" And there she was! Pulling in with her parents to the same restaurant. This time Jeff had the chance to talk to her for the first time and obviously, the first thing he told Alex was about her beautiful blue eyes. They talked for a while and a walk along Playa Grande sealed the deal. Who wouldn't fall for that!? They have been together ever since and there's no need to say more just that all this happened only three months before the wedding!








We had no idea we where so connected to this villa in many different ways. Turned out to be designed and built by one of our friends, where he also lived his first years in the island. Also we are indirectly connected to the actual owners and also to the wedding coordinator... Anywhere we looked or anyone we talked to led us someone we know, what a day full of coincidences!






Aleksandra was born in Odessa, Ukraine just a few falls ago but moves to Texas where she teaches Yoga. She is a very creative girl, fish lover, free soul, inker and shy, with a really interesting personality. 









Jeff was born in Quebec, Canada, he is a marketing expert and visits Dominican Republic very often, he has many friends in Cabrera, the North Coast of the island.





It was pretty unusual to see the bride showing up dancing to the tunes of Olivia Newton John, "You are the one that I want" from the movie Grease.

Sure you know it! It was great for us because is a classic from our childhood and Aleksandra nailed it!









After a beautifully simple and short ceremony, one can appreciate the joy and emotion everyone shared.






Thank you Jeff and Alex for such a great time and for letting us be part of your big day!


We wish you the best in your new life, we are certain that your love will keep growing fast and strong as it has been doing and we hope you see you again soon!


Germán & Sara


]]> ( Beach Cabrera Destination Wedding Dominican Republic German Paz photo photography wedding Thu, 02 Apr 2015 17:14:45 GMT