| Joel & Tatiana, Jellyfish, Punta Cana. August 2, 2014.

Joel & Tatiana, Jellyfish, Punta Cana. August 2, 2014.

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Not many times we get to shoot a wedding like this one. This time it was special for us, we had a feeling with the bride (and she had it with us too) that never happened before and it's like this connection opened Pandora's box. Since Tatiana, all our weddings are different, we might have a different approach, who knows...

What we know for sure is that Tatiana and Joel wedding will be long remembered for what it meant to us. 







We arrived to Jellyfish before Tatiana did and we couldn't wait to start shooting! The decoration of this wedding was amazing! We had a blast shooting details here and there. We still review the images and enjoy the set up Jellyfish put up for Tatiana and Joel. 







We had a win/win wedding here, not only had the chance to shoot a beautiful wedding but we stablished a very nice relationship that is meant to last for years. We still miss our long chats talking about all the hassle of the wedding, all the hard work she was doing, dealing with the pressure and sometimes just goofing around.







One can really tell the hard work just by looking at one of the tables, full of perfectly combined details. The combinations of two metals with the flowers and the pastel colors plus the different textures of gold glitters and shinny fabrics created such a stunning atmosphere.






As you can see the details wasn't just on the decoration, pretty little things could be found everywhere!









At this point we have to admit that we were nervous for Tatiana watching the tropical storm "Bertha" approaching rather fast.







But even knowing she was nervous about what could happen, she never lost her smile and followed her script with minor adjustments and lots of joy.






Joel, regardless the weather, had a more relaxed perspective cause he was sure the day would turn a success with "Bertha" or no "Bertha".







If there is something special about Jellyfish is that every single corner has something beautiful to offer.







And here comes the moment!

This both images, above and below, show exactly what we are trying to say. Here is the stunning Tatiana that couldn't hide the intensity of the moment and there was Joel with his biggest smile looking at her coming.







Tatiana had a long beautiful veil that had to let go because of the strong winds and focus on

her walk along the aisle towards her husband-to-be Joel.




One of the things we love the most about shooting weddings is the faces of happiness and emotions

of the family and friends at this very moment!



Specially when the groom gets so emotional! At this moment, feelings are so intense

that one can feel the love in the air.



After a short and emotive ceremony was time to celebrate and still we were lucky with the weather.



Both were looking forward their portraits for long and finally here we are! We had a beautiful cloudy and windy session. We had so much fun with them than even "Bertha" waited for us to finish!



When we say the storm waited for us, we mean, literally! As soon as we stepped inside Jellyfish, the storm released all her fury on DR as the same time Tatiana released the pressure in happy tears.



From this moment they only had to take care about enjoying a delicious dinner and having lots of fun!



Tatiana didn't hesitate to step out to dance under the rain and cheer up the fire show guys performing.



At the end she even got Joel under the rain to celebrate together.



We already said it, this couple is very special for us and we wish them all the luck in their upcoming projects and dreams, not just as a family but also in the professional field. We really hope that we get closer in the future and had the chance to share more experiences.


Tatiana & Joel, we are very pleased to meeting you. You are a beautiful couple!

We wish you the best.

Germán & Sara.




Tatiana Martinez(non-registered)
The most magical day of my life ! You and Sara were more than Photographers to me and Joel. True Artist and true friends. You put me at ease since day one and I had no worries since meeting you that my day would be captured in the most magical way possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ! we love you guys !
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